DeKings by InPoker forms a strategic partnership with Action PH

2 min readNov 3, 2022


Hot on the heels of announcing our new DeKings NFT collection, InPoker is happy to reveal a new strategic alliance with Action PH that will greatly contribute to the development of the P2E+ model by connecting the Filipino poker community and all DeKings NFT holders while providing added value to both parties.

Action PH is a Filipino Esports organization founded by a group of individuals who support the top poker players in the Philippines and aim to extend their support to the local Esports community by building a team of individuals who share the same passion by keeping the dream alive.

As part of the partnership, Action PH will assist InPoker and individual DeKings NFT holders in scouting poker players to join the game and become scholars who can then rent NFTs and provide additional revenue to the NFT holders while playing games and getting rewarded in their own right. The partnership with Action PH will provide exceptional value to both parties and will be based around the crypto guild concept.

Crypto gaming guilds offer a great way to delegate resources such as in-game NFTs to players who can’t afford them or are not interested in owning them. The players will then use the NFTs in crypto games to play and earn prizes or tokens and share a percentage of the winnings with the original NFT holder.

DeKings holders who are poker players can use their NFTs to access the tournaments and collect 100% of the winnings. On one end, the guilds model is particularly great for DeKings holders who are simply art collectors and do not share a great passion for poker, and on the other end, the poker players who, for whatever reason, do not own the digital assets. Gaming guilds allow an unprecedented and extremely rewarding compromise to both groups of people.

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