Engaging social media influencers on the InPoker platform

2 min readMay 15, 2021

Influencer marketing is a new strategy used by brands and businesses to promote their products and services, which involves partnering with popular social media personas to reach out to their followers. Influencers usually have a large, engaged audience that brands can tap into to build credibility and increase the brand awareness and, ultimately, sales.

Collaborating with influencers is beneficial in many ways. In order to motivate people to create their own tournaments, promote the games on social media or drive their existing audience to the platform, InPoker ensures that everyone who bring new users to participate in games receive commissions for the efforts.

Every influencer who decides to become a part of the programme will be granted the tools to create tournaments within the InPoker platform and will be able to curate the games, categorize them, as well as refer their followers to specific tournaments. Simultaneously, the influencers can collaborate with third parties to get extra help with their promotion and attract an even bigger audience.

InPoker gives event organizers the authority to name the tournament, determine the minimum buy-in amount, the prizes and configure other settings. Once the tournament is created, the platform provides an exclusive vanity URL which can be used to invite people to a specific game. Сommission will therefore be reserved for the person the URL is assigned to and released after the completion of the tournament. Influencers can choose to promote the games that they created or other tournaments, for example those sponsored by big brands.

While there might be similarities with other affiliates programs, there is one big difference. The InPoker platform provides influencers with an opportunity to earn rewards by sharing one link for each tournament. This way, the influencers help to create constant traffic by inviting their followers to each game separately.

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