FestiveBoard had started! Here’s all you need to know

InPoker has recently announced another round of the special InPoker leaderboard event where top 25 players compete to win rewards from the 2000 BUSD prize pool. This event will be a little bit more special and full of surprises, which we will announce throughout the duration of the competition. New Year is a special time of the year and we are honoured to spread the joy within our fantastic community!

From 22nd December onwards, the winners of any tournaments will continue to compete for additional BUSD rewards in a special leaderboard. The competition will run for one month and in order to participate, the players are required to win as many freeroll, sit & go or regular tournaments as possible and accumulate the winnings to climb to the top 25 by the end of the event.

Leaderboard event comes with additional weekly mini-competitions that will start every Sunday at 00:00 (GMT+8). We will be making announcements on our Telegram group, so check the messages regularly to find out about new challenges and results.

We would like to announce that we have slightly amended the prize distribution table and the new numbers are as follows:

1st place: $700

2nd place: $300

3rd place: $200

4th-5th places: ($100 each)

6th-10th places ($50 each)

11th-15th places ($30 each)

16th-20th places ($25 each)

21st-25th places ($15 each)

Join the event now and stand a chance to win cash prizes!


• The winners are determined by the number of winning prizes in any tournaments available on the InPoker platform (freeroll, regular and Sit & Go)

• You must ensure that your registered email address is safe — InPoker team will contact the winners within 48 hours of declaring the final results to request the BEP20 address to send the prize

• InPoker Special Leaderboard starts on December 22nd 2021, 00:00 and ends on January 21st 2022, 23:59 (GMT+8).

• Top scores will be posted in our official telegram group daily at 14:00 (GMT+8)

• InPoker reserves the right to investigate the players suspected to be involved in fraudulent activities and remove them if proven guilty.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments on https://www.inpoker.io

Join our official Telegram Channel here: https://t.me/influencerpoker




Website: https://inpoker.io/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/influencer Telegram Chat: https://t.me/inpokergroup

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Website: https://inpoker.io/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/influencer Telegram Chat: https://t.me/inpokergroup

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