InPoker and Port3 Presents: A New Era of Cross-Marketing in the Web3 World.

2 min readMay 25, 2023


InPoker and Port3 have announced their partnership to provide entertainment services to the mass web3 market. The collaboration involves hosting multiple joint cross-marketing poker tournament campaigns for different blockchain projects using the SoQuest (Port3) and InPoker Dashboard features. These campaigns will allow projects to provide interactive competitive entertainment to their communities while also introducing their project to a wider audience.

InPoker and Port3 are all set to host the first introduction campaign in May, providing an exciting chance for the web3 communities to witness the true potential of SoQuest and participate in InPoker events. SoQuest is a social data gateway that aggregates and standardizes both off-chain and on-chain data. It creates a powerful and accessible Social Data Layer for all Web3 use cases, bridging the gap for users and facilitating the transition to Web3.

SoQuest is a highly popular Web3 Quest platform that provides features such as campaign launches, user participation, and rewards for engagement. With over 1200 project partners and a user base exceeding 350,000 active users, SoQuest supports 15 public chains, 14 wallets, and Web2 integrations. It has developed a comprehensive tool for launching activities, detecting actions, distributing rewards, and analyzing growth.

SoQuest can assist projects in launching activities and achieving rapid growth by leveraging its large user base. It allows for the continuous onboarding of new users at a low cost and can help in building Web3 communities and fostering long-term relationships with projects and users. It also provides Bot support for communities, enabling ChatGPT and native on-chain interactions.

In conclusion, the partnership between InPoker and Port3 is a significant step toward providing entertainment services to the mass web3 market. The joint cross-marketing poker tournament campaigns will not only provide interactive competitive entertainment to their communities but also introduce their projects to a wider audience. SoQuest’s powerful features will facilitate the transition to Web3, making it accessible for users.

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