InPoker announces a brand new DeKings NFT collection: Bridging the gap between poker players and WEB3

2 min readOct 29, 2022


NFTs have come a long way since they first started to appear in the crypto world. From their inception as mere collectibles with proof of ownership and authenticity, these digital assets have evolved to provide more real-life value and benefits to the owners. InPoker users would be familiar with the concept of utility-driven NFTs, as the platform has been offering premium Elite access for over a year.

Now, we are beyond excited to announce the brand new collectible series titled DeKings that will not only be replacing the first generation Elite NFTs, but also improving and expanding the utility and providing owners with meticulously designed and desirable artworks.

DeKings is a collection of 2444 poker themed algorithmically generated 3D utility NFTs that double as the InPoker premium membership cards, and grant access to exclusive members-only benefits. The collection is made up of over 150 different traits, providing for a varied and colourful virtual deck of kings where everyone can find a character to like and own. Each digital artwork is designed in a PFP-friendly format and can be used as a personal avatar on InPoker or any social media platform.

Each NFT offers a new and exciting way of playing poker that allows players to compete within and beyond the DeKings ecosystem and bring the benefits of WEB3 to traditional online poker players. DeKings holders can participate in exclusive member-only tournaments and leaderboards, earn tradable $INP tokens and other crypto, delegate NFTs to other players and receive a percentage of their winnings under the scholarship program as well as simply playing for free by utilizing daily tickets.

DeKings will be replacing Elite NFT as InPoker membership card and all the current Elite holders will be able to trade their NFT for two (that’s right, two!) DeKings NFT! This is one of the benefits that InPoker is providing to early adopters as our thanks for being with us from the start of our journey. Holding multiple DeKings NFTs provides even more benefits in the form of additional daily tournament tickets and higher potential scholarship bonuses when renting NFTs to other players and sharing the winnings. The NFTs are also tradable on secondary markets such as OpenSea and other platforms.

Release date and more details will be announced soon, so watch this space! For more news please join our Discord server and Twitter Page

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