InPoker announces integration with Polygon and a new roadmap

3 min readOct 11, 2022


InPoker is thrilled to announce the integration with Polygon and a new roadmap to offer the best possible service to our users! This integration between InPoker and Polygon helps in the growth and development of the InPoker platform and brings many major upgrades to the financial tools and the overall user experience.

Polygon scaling solution aims to improve transaction speed and lower gas fees by reducing complex transactions on the blockchain. What this means for InPoker is that Polygon is able to provide faster transactions at a lower cost. This in return will enable InPoker to offer better benefits, strengthen the position of the INP token in the market and build a highly sustainable ecosystem.

With the ever-growing number of users, transaction speed plays a crucial role in the user experience whereas low transaction fees open new possibilities for the platform to conduct token burning exercises in real-time. InPoker periodically burns a portion of the INP profit received through various income streams to reduce the circulating supply and increase demand as the platform becomes more popular. The platform was previously accumulating profit in tokens received through various transactions and burning them as a batch, the Polygon integration will allow conducting the burn transactions immediately, after collecting rake from each pot in the cash games or tournament fees. This will allow InPoker to provide accurate up-to-date information about burned and remaining circulating supply amounts in real time.

InPoker deposits and withdrawals on Polygon blockchain for USDT/USDC stablecoins are now available in the Cashier module on the InPoker Dashboard, allowing users to experience a secure lightning-fast transaction processing. To learn more about the updated Cashier module, please visit the user manual page.

Polygon integration also allowed InPoker to review the roadmap for Q4 2022-Q1 2023 and we are happy to present the list of plans for the near future:

  • Release of unique DeKings NFT collection
  • Swap of Elite NFTs from the BSC network to new collectible NFTs (All elite members will have great benefits and ability to trade cards on the secondary markets such as OpenSea)
  • Many new benefits for the NFT holders:
  • Awesome unique digital collectible assets
  • P2E+ games (A new concept of Play-to-Earn games whereby the players are not limited to the amount of daily rewards they can earn)
  • Players of the Seasons
  • DeKings Scholarship Program (DeKings holders can delegate NFT to players without NFTs and share the winnings both in games and Players of the Seasons leaderboard)
  • DeKings DAO
  • Bridge INP token to Polygon (Scheduled at the end of November)
  • Real-time profit share token burning feature on Polygon
  • Improved Dashboard and gaming experience
  • Better exposure on the global market
  • Future metaverse presence

There are many other minor features not mentioned in the roadmap which are in the pre-deployment phase, including improved dashboard for the affiliate partners, real time leaderboards, multi language support for all websites and tutorials, new series of games, leaderboard events and much more!

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