InPoker announces integration with Polygon and a new roadmap

  • Release of unique DeKings NFT collection
  • Swap of Elite NFTs from the BSC network to new collectible NFTs (All elite members will have great benefits and ability to trade cards on the secondary markets such as OpenSea)
  • Many new benefits for the NFT holders:
  • Awesome unique digital collectible assets
  • P2E+ games (A new concept of Play-to-Earn games whereby the players are not limited to the amount of daily rewards they can earn)
  • Players of the Seasons
  • DeKings Scholarship Program (DeKings holders can delegate NFT to players without NFTs and share the winnings both in games and Players of the Seasons leaderboard)
  • DeKings DAO
  • Bridge INP token to Polygon (Scheduled at the end of November)
  • Real-time profit share token burning feature on Polygon
  • Improved Dashboard and gaming experience
  • Better exposure on the global market
  • Future metaverse presence



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