InPoker announces partnership with DeFi Invest

InPoker is proud to announce partnership with DeFi Invest — a dynamic crypto investment Telegram community with an ambitious goal to create a group of highly educated crypto investors.

DeFi Invest spreads the message that it’s important for a strong crypto community to not only enrich themselves but also help crypto projects and other long-term investors to build a prosperous and successful future for all parties involved.

The group’s leaders started as successful ICO investors back in 2017 and founded and grew an exclusive community that already supported many private fundraisers for prominent new projects like,,,, and others.

DeFi Invest is interested and focused on the whole lifecycle of crypto: starting from the angel and seed investment rounds, through project’s promotions and marketing, through manual and algorithmic crypto trading, through proper money and risk management, the “Golden 4” rule of exit that doesn’t hurt anyone and more.

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