InPoker Dashboard update: Trade your NFTs and stake INP to increase rakeback rate

2 min readAug 11, 2022


The new InPoker Dashboard update adds one of the most requested features from the community: Elite NFT trading. InPoker Marketplace is part of the InPoker Dashboard and an online platform where Elite NFTs can be purchased, registered and listed for sale.

Elite NFT is a membership pass. One-time purchase comes with a utility to access the VIP member-only club and a lifetime free access to premium rakeback rates, weekly tournaments, exclusive privileges for promotions, activities, merchandise and special events.

Elite members can now advertise their NFTs for sale at their own price. Once the NFT is listed for sale, it will appear on the InPoker marketplace where other users will be able to view or purchase it. Once sold, the listed amount will be awarded to the seller’s crypto wallet. Players willing to join the Elite club now have the option to buy their NFT from the other users or directly from InPoker.

InPoker continuously adds more utility to Elite NFT to make it attractive for long-term holders and poker players in general. One of the best benefits provided by the digital asset is a premium base rakeback rate of 30%. Both regular and Elite users have the option to increase the rates by staking INP tokens in the Vault, however the rakeback rate for Elite NFT holders can go as high as 50%.

InPoker is preparing to add even more utility to Elite NFT very soon that will generously reward the early buyers and long-term holders, more details will be announced very soon.

Users will be entitled to a set rakeback rate for as long as they keep their tokens staked. Once INP tokens are unstaked, the rakeback rate will be reset to the base rate for 30 days (5% for regular users and 30% for NFT holders). Throughout this period users can continue to stake INP tokens only to receive APY. Read more about the rakeback on the InPoker GitBook.

Elite members can also look forward to exclusive tournaments as InPoker brings back the weekend INP freerolls for the NFT holders. The prize pools and more details will be announced soon, however we can reveal that the free games will be available every Saturday and Sunday.


Every Saturday at 21:00 GMT+8


Every Sunday at 21:00 GMT+8

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