InPoker desktop client is now available on Windows & macOS!

InPoker continues to provide users with proper and convenient online poker software that helps to provide the best gaming experience possible. We have recently launched the updated web-based version and now the desktop client for Windows and macOS is available for download! Desktop client comes with various benefits over the web-based software, including:

Individual Tables
This is one of the most useful features in the desktop app that allows users to tile, cascade or arrange the poker tables on your screen in any way you find convenient! This is particularly useful when participating in multi-table tournaments and is just a useful option in general as you will not lose sight of your tables while registering in other tournaments or browsing the app.

Tags & Notes
This great tool helps you keep track of your opponents! Tag them with a certain colour or name as well as write private comments about them for your personal use!

Personal Stats & Hand History
Check any hand at any point with a full hand history. Many personal stats are available.

Table Themes
In the app you can change the table themes, choose your favourite colour and card styles! Design your table to your preference!

Customise your keyboard shortcuts and use your chosen keys to perform certain actions in the game so you play faster and enhance your user experience!

Please visit our website at to download your file, install and join the competition today! Mobile app for iOS and Android will be available next!

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InPoker — Your Poker Space | Online crypto poker-only cardroom

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InPoker — Your Poker Space | Online crypto poker-only cardroom

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