InPoker enters into a strategic partnership with Automatic Venture Group

InPoker is proud to announce partnership with Automatic Venture Group.

Automatic Venture Group is connecting crypto enthusiasts through its wide network of channels which reach knows no bounds: token sales, NFTs (sales and games), spot and futures trading, projects‘ overview on Youtube, and last, but not least, are the metaverses that are the real gems right now, so they also are under the radar.

Automatic Venture Group team consists of 25 members: text content makers, video content makers, analysts and other. The group has a network of own media, collectively posts on social media and reach 7,500 views per day. The total number of subscribers is more than 45 thousand.

Automatic Venture Group will assist InPoker with shilling, announces, news, AMAs, podcasts, reviews on our channels in Telegram and YouTube.

Automatic Venture Group channel:

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