InPoker enters into a strategic partnership with Dreamboat Capital, a blockchain venture company

InPoker is proud to announce partnership with Dreamboat Capital, a Blockchain Venture company that connects good projects to the community or cryptocurrency investors in Indonesia.

Dreamboat Capital is a startup company that aims to facilitate people who want to invest in blockchain companies through cryptocurrency, but they don’t have the time to do research on a good and trusted project. Dreamboat Capital conducts research on new startups in the blockchain industry that usually do IDOs or often called IPO in the stock investment. The company carefully analyzes and selects the projects in order to avoid fraud or scam during or after the IDO.

Dreamboat Capital will assist InPoker with the expertise, and provide access to a network of investors, business partners and stakeholders. A team of industry experts will provide guidance to ensure the long-term viability of the InPoker project.

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