InPoker forms strategic partnership with tofuNFT to expand DeKings project

2 min readNov 1, 2022


InPoker is happy to announce a brand new partnership with tofuNFT, the largest multi-chain, GameFi-focused NFT marketplace, as part of our efforts in promoting DeKings NFT collection and expanding the exposure and reach.

tofuNFT is a fully featured decentralized multi-chain NFT marketplace for buying, selling and trading NFTs, created by SCV.Finance and supporting 28 of chains. tofuNFT focuses on trading GameFi assets and is designed to be easy to use, yet highly optimized for efficient trading and provides various advantages, like fast loading and advanced filters, with the aim to become a marketplace that contributes to the excitement of GameFi and the growth of its community.

As part of the strategic partnership, DeKings will be made available on tofuNFT marketplace and both projects will carry out various campaigns together. This integration provides DeKings with access to tofuNFT’s expansive ecosystem. Being the largest multi-chain NFT marketplace whose volume comes predominantly from GameFi-related projects, tofuNFT will provide an excellent opportunity for DeKings to reach out to a wider target audience.

DeKings is a recently announced collection of 10,000 poker themed algorithmically generated 3D utility NFTs that double as the InPoker premium membership cards, and grant access to exclusive members-only benefits. Read more about DeKings here

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