InPoker HODL Festival: User guide on how to stake INP tokens

Please note: In order to join the HODL Festival, you will need to have MetaMask installed and connected to Binance Smart Chain. You can view the tutorial on how to install and configure MetaMask at

  1. Go to HODL Festival landing page located at

2. Click “Connect Wallet” and login to MetaMask

3. Select your account and allow HODL Festival page to connect to your wallet

4. Once the wallet is connected, Step 1 will be marked as completed. You will see your wallet balance and the Stake button.

5. Click “Stake 10000 INP” and give MetaMask permission to access your INP. The window will also show the transaction fee.

6. Confirm the transaction

7. Once the transaction is confirmed, 10000 INP will be staked for one month and you will be able to unstake it after 14th January. The last step is to provide your InPoker username. Please ensure the username you provided is correct.

8. Click “Save” and Sign the request.

That’s it! Your HODL Festival eligibility will be granted within 24 hours and you will be able to participate in any tournament!

Please note: You will be able to unstake your tokens after 14th January 2022 12:00 UTC.

For more information about privileges, benefits and staking please visit our InPoker Elite NFT page:

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