InPoker is set to become the largest multi-chain poker platform

The meteoric rise of cryptocurrencies over the last decade has resulted in creation of many blockchains and hundreds of tradable tokens built on top of them. For many people not familiar with the crypto world, this factor always presented the technology as less user-friendly and more time-consuming to learn. Whereas it is true that acquiring knowledge of various blockchains and currencies, and how to transfer them, does come with a learning curve, there have been many recent developments that simplified the user experience and allowed more people to take advantage of all the benefits the crypto world has to offer.

InPoker is now integrating more blockchains to the platform, allowing users to deposit and withdraw their preferred currency at the click of a button. These integrations will drastically enhance the user experience and present poker players with the most user-friendly cutting-edge financial tools unavailable elsewhere. Having initially launched exclusively on the BSC network, InPoker has subsequently integrated the Polygon blockchain and now we are happy to announce the integration of Ethereum blockchain on our platform, allowing users to easily deposit and withdraw all the tokens on the network.

This is only the beginning and we will continue to add more blockchains in our pursuit of becoming the largest multi-chain poker platform. In other news, we have published our manifesto on the main website. We welcome everyone to learn more about our mission and we hope that we continue to grow together!

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