InPoker launches the new P2E game and enters the iGaming market: Casino and online betting to become available in Q2-Q3 2023

3 min readDec 27, 2022

The iGaming industry is a sum of its parts, and sometimes it doesn’t perform at full capacity when some components are missing. This factor drove the InPoker team to make a monumental decision of integrating the betting and casino games into InPoker in order to provide a full spectrum of popular games and fully engage our users.

The online poker audience is currently estimated at 100 million users whereas the iGaming audience is almost one third of earth’s population, with an estimated number of 3 billion people. The transition will allow InPoker to reach many new potential customers.

InPoker possesses all the necessary instruments and licences to make it happen within a short time and provide a varied and safe iGaming experience to the users, including all the benefits that were available on the original poker platform such as multi-chain payment integration with instant deposits and withdrawals, NFT membership and more.

iGaming integration will have a great positive impact on the $INP token economy and ensure the project sustainability. Additional utility will increase the demand for the token and propel the value on the market while allowing greater rewards to the players for their contributions.

InPoker has recently launched the new NFT collection titled DeKings, the minting process is currently in full swing, having started on 24 December, with over a third of the collection already minted during the Christmas weekend. DeKings NFTs currently provide premium benefits on the InPoker platform, and after the iGaming integration, there will be additional rewards for the Casino and Online Betting!

DeKings collection is replacing the InPoker Elite NFTs as premium membership tokens, all current Elite NFT holders will be able to swap their digital asset for two DeKings NFTs on 28th December! Another great benefit for the DeKings holders is the option to loan their NFTs to other players and allow them to participate in exclusive tournaments while earning 50% of the winnings from the tournaments and special leaderboard. The P2E game will become available in Q2-Q3 2023, and will allow all DeKings holders to have special access to exclusive tournaments, leaderboard and more!

The InPoker project has been in operation for over a year and our development and research is always ongoing, aimed at constantly improving the platform and introducing the best gaming experience to our users. Expansion into the iGaming industry marks an exciting new chapter in the project’s history and allows it to keep up with users’ demands and to withstand the ever-increasing competition.

Despite the bearish market, crypto iGaming is currently on the rise and is as popular as ever. We believe that InPoker will grow bigger exponentially if we start offering the full spectrum of iGaming entertainment to fully engage our users and attract many new ones.

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