InPoker officially launches on 8 June, becomes the second legally licensed crypto poker-only platform

InPoker project continues to gain momentum as the platform is now officially licensed to conduct online gaming operations using cryptocurrency. The license approval gives the green light to many planned features that couldn’t be realised until today due to legal constraints and we would like to tell you about all the news we have in store for the major 8 June 2022 InPoker platform update.

One of the main advantages of the gambling license lies in the financial aspect. It is with great joy that we announce the launch of the long-awaited instant Deposits and Withdrawals. The features add exciting dimensions to online gaming as they provide players with more freedom to choose from a wider range of action-packed poker games with low or high stakes and more lucrative rewards.

InPoker proudly introduces the new rakeback mechanism. The platform offers rakeback in the form of a reward system where every user is automatically a part of it. In a continuous effort to add more utility to the Elite NFT and increase its attractiveness, NFT holders will enjoy higher rakeback rates, however both regular and Elite users will have the option to increase the rates by staking INP token, NFT or both together. Rakeback system contributes greatly to the INP token utility and drives the demand for it. The option to stake INP and increase the rakeback rate will become available to all users starting on 2nd June 2022. Besides the obvious benefits, users will also enjoy a modest interest rate on their staked amount.

With so many obvious and under-the-hood changes happening within a short timeframe, we thought it’s important that our users experience the sheer magnitude of the arrival of the official launch. Therefore, we introduce the restyled InPoker platform and website alongside our new updated logo! We invite you to visit our updated redesigned website at

InPoker also launches the Affiliate Program which gives agents the opportunity to earn on our platform for introducing new players to a safe and ultra-modern online poker environment. The onboarding only requires answering a simple questionnaire and the program is available to everyone who wants to get additional income. InPoker provides all registered participants with an access to a personal dashboard to keep track of all the users and earnings.

We continuously gather feedback from our users and analyse each individual request in order to improve the user experience for everyone, making InPoker not only look more professional, but also ensure ease of use. Official launch also brings the desktop and mobile apps that offer convenience and greater user experience. Desktop app will be available immediately on the day of the official launch whereas the mobile version will be released by the 17th of June..The client app will provide users with an enhanced gaming and especially the multi-table experience.

InPoker periodically repurchases and burns native INP tokens in order to strengthen the token’s position. The team has recently conducted the second buyback exercise, having bought back and burned 16883588 INP. As the company grows, it will witness additional budget allocations for future buybacks. InPoker has also burned a total of 27083333 INP tokens from the game reserve & ecosystem mining that accumulated due to the fact that the project was not fully launched. The exercise reduced our token supply to 939466387 INP.

In order to ensure full transparency, the transactions can be viewed at:



In the world of digital assets, buyback and burn exercises offer an effective control mechanism over a volatile cryptocurrency market, ensure price stability and a continuous price growth pattern by creating scarcity for INP. More interest in the crypto space will lead to steady growth in the token’s ecosystem.

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InPoker — Your Poker Space | Online crypto poker-only cardroom

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InPoker — Your Poker Space | Online crypto poker-only cardroom

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