InPoker preparing to launching the financial module

InPoker is currently adding the finishing touches to the financial module which is built around the integrated DeFi protocol. It will be one of the core features of the platform as it allows players to supply crypto assets, borrow the BUSD stablecoin which can be used to participate in paid poker tournaments, while still earning APY on the supply.

One of the key protective mechanisms in InPoker Cashier is that it reduces the risk of spending all the supplied funds by 40%, thus providing a much safer gaming experience and protecting users. Our integrated DeFi system only allows users to use 60% of supplied collateral amount while retaining the balance. Users will need to connect to the platform via MetaMask or other wallet on Binance Smart Chain.

InPoker also offers a ChipJar module where users can stake their coins and earn interest.

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InPoker — Your Poker Space | Online crypto poker-only cardroom

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InPoker — Your Poker Space | Online crypto poker-only cardroom

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