InPoker: Riding the wave of Influencer Marketing

2 min readMay 10, 2021

In a modern world influencers play a big role in providing organic trusted recommendations. An influencer usually refers to an online persona with a large, engaged and active following on social media or their own blog. The emergence of influencer marketing has been sparked by the increasing popularity of various social media platforms with approximately two billion users currently. These social networks are also very popular among the generation with the most purchasing power, the millennials.

Proven to be one of the most successful methods of promoting the goods and services so far, influencer marketing is shown to yield favorable results as it helps to establish connections with the right target audience. It is basically virtual word of mouth, and consumers are much more likely to relate and respond favourably to a message from a trusted friend or persona than they are to a sponsored post from a brand.

When it comes to influencer marketing, the return on investment is measured in terms of reach, engagement, and ultimately sales. For example, various researches show that an average Instagram influencer account has an engagement rate of 2–3%. Studies also show that nano and micro influencers, with less than 10K followers, have the highest average engagement rate because of the much smaller, but more targeted audience. While working with influencers can be a tricky process, the results are unparalleled if well executed, the key ingredients to success being the correct content and the right influencer within a specific niche.

So what does that mean for InPoker? Connecting with influencers who have a vast network of followers can improve audience engagement and increase interest in the platform. Influencers who refer users to InPoker tournaments via a unique link receive a percentage of each buy-in or, in case of freeroll or windrop tournaments, a percentage of the tournament prize the referred user wins. Event organisers will have the authority to determine the minimum buy-in amount, the prizes and the percentage that influencers will receive for referring users.

We will be providing a more in-depth coverage on the topic of influencer marketing and how it’s applied in InPoker in our next article, so stay with us!

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