Lots of new and exciting poker formats are now available on InPoker platform

InPoker is excited to introduce a popular Progressive Knockout tournament poker format to our platform — tournaments where players earn rewards by eliminating their opponents on the way to the main guaranteed prize pool. InPoker also invites all players to turn their attention to Sit & Go and Builder poker formats as we have many special events, such as Weekly Elite Leaderboard and various weekly mini-contests, for users who participate in these tournaments.

While many players like to take their time to win big, many players prefer to play on the go, so it is important to pick a poker format suitable for your style or timing. While the regular tournaments can go on for many hours or even days, Sit & Go tournaments don’t last very long (usually only 30–60 minutes depending on the SNG type) and are more suitable for players who like quick games.

With so many different poker formats available, it can be difficult to choose the best game to play. Today we will explain all the basic concepts you will need to understand about these few poker games.



Knockout tournaments are action-packed tournaments in which players eliminate their opponents and, for doing so, receive the opponent’s bounty as a prize. We have added a Special daily KO with a higher buy-in (20 BUSD) and much higher returns! Moon your 5x to a 10x eliminating other players!


Progressive Knockout tournaments, or PKOs, are knockout tournaments but you receive half of the opponent’s bounty as a prize, while the other half goes towards the player’s own bounty. The thrill in these events is that the bounties are progressive in nature and grow for each player. The more eliminations you make, the more money you win!

Each PKO tournament comes with a buy-in fee, for example if a tournament costs 110 INP to enter, 50 INP will go to the general prize pool, while the remaining 50 INP will go to each player’s initial bounty (the remaining 10 INP is the fee to play the tournament).

If you eliminate the player with the 150 INP bounty, your bounty will increase by half of this amount from 150 INP to 225 INP while you would also pocket another 75 INP. As the tournament advances, many players will have bounties few times bigger than the buy-in amount. Normally, first and second places receive close to an equal amount of the prize pool. The winner is not only able to collect from all the players they eliminated but also the general prize pool and their own bounty as well.


Builder tournaments are online poker tournaments with no GTD prize pool. Players contribute to the total pot collectively. The buy-ins are higher than other tournaments adding up later on with rebuys and add-ons. There is a pre-defined number of players depending on the tournament, and most of the time it’s 2, 3 or 5 players but it could also be another number. This format is very convenient to get into the leaderboard as the prizes tend to be higher due to higher buy-ins and smaller number of players!

Builder tournaments have a buy-in amount, which contributes to the prize pool and a small participation fee to play the tournament. Due to a smaller number of players and bigger prize pool amounts, the rewards for each participant tend to be higher. Arguably, the format is more challenging, and as a result the participants are more skillful and careful during the game.

We are excited for our community to try these different and interesting formats and invite you to add some variety to your gameplay!


Sit & Go tournaments (SNGs) are online poker tournaments that start when a preset number of players have signed up. These tournaments do not have a scheduled start time and begin as soon as there are enough people registered at a table. The number of people required for the Sit & Go tournament can be 2 (Heads-up), 6 or 10 players, and the tournament starts as soon as the last player joins the game.

Sit & Go tournaments have fixed payouts which are given to the top few finishers. One of the distinctive features of Sit & Go tournaments is that they are freezeout tournaments where the loser of each match is immediately eliminated.

SNGs are convenient for players who are not able to play for many hours in a row. SNGs are also great for the new players who are learning the fundamentals of the game.


We are committed to bringing you the most fun and enjoyable games to enhance your experience with us! Let us tell you about our new Sit & Go’s.


Double Or Nothing are 4-max games which end when half of the players have been eliminated. When the 3rd player is eliminated the game ends and the prize is split 50% between the two winners.


As explained above, we have also added a 6-max version of PKO to our Sit & Go’s, they are so dynamic and full of action that you can’t even blink!

Our previous SNGs have also been improved in structure and have increased our traffic greatly! Take advantage now, play Sit & Go’s and qualify for our Spring Loaded Leaderboard!

Stay tuned for more exciting developments on https://www.inpoker.io
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InPoker — Your Poker Space | Online crypto poker-only cardroom

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