October progress update

3 min readOct 31, 2022


The month of October has come to an end, and it was full of exciting InPoker announcements, more strategic partnerships and overall platform improvements as we continue on our journey to become one of the leading online poker projects. This month, InPoker has unveiled our upcoming NFT collection titled DeKings that we’ve been secretly working on over the past few months. We have also partnered with additional blockchains to add more convenience for our users and enhance the deposit and withdrawal experience. We are happy to remind you about these and other updates in our monthly summary.

Polygon integration and new roadmap

The integration between InPoker and Polygon helps in the growth and development of the InPoker platform and brings many major upgrades to the financial tools and the overall user experience. Polygon scaling solution aims to improve transaction speed and lower gas fees by reducing complex transactions on the blockchain.

Polygon is able to provide faster transactions at a lower cost. This in return will enable InPoker to offer better benefits, strengthen the position of the INP token in the market, build a highly sustainable ecosystem and implement the real-time INP token burning mechanism.

The updated roadmap for Q1 2023 includes the launch of DeKings NFT collection, P2E+ games, bridge of INP token to Polygon, improved dashboard and gaming experience, better exposure on the global market and more!

InPoker integrates Ethereum chain, aims to become the largest multi-chain platform

One of our biggest and game-changing developments has been partnering with various blockchains and integrating them to the platform, allowing users to deposit and withdraw their preferred currency at the click of a button. These integrations provide unbelievably convenient user experience and present poker players with the most user-friendly cutting-edge financial tools unavailable elsewhere.

For a long time since the launch, InPoker has been operating exclusively on the BSC network, and we have subsequently integrated the Polygon blockchain and recently the Ethereum blockchain, allowing users to easily deposit and withdraw all the tokens on the network. More blockchains will be added in near future, allowing InPoker to claim the “largest multi-chain online poker platform” title.

DeKings NFT collection

DeKings is a collection of 10,000 poker themed algorithmically generated 3D utility NFTs that double as the InPoker premium membership cards, and grant access to exclusive members-only benefits. DeKings will be replacing Elite NFT as InPoker membership card and all the current Elite holders will be able to trade their NFT for two DeKings NFT! We are thankful to early adopters and this is our way to reward you for being with us from the start.

DeKings pave way to our new P2E+ model that includes free daily tickets, exclusive member-only tournaments and leaderboards and a very exciting scholarship program whereby DeKings holders can delegate NFTs to other players and receive a percentage of their winnings.

Each digital artwork is designed in a PFP-friendly format and can be used as a personal avatar on InPoker or any social media platform. Holding multiple DeKings NFTs provides even more benefits in the form of additional daily tournament tickets and higher potential scholarship bonuses when renting NFTs to other players and sharing the winnings. The NFTs are also tradable on secondary markets such as OpenSea and other platforms.

The new weekly Shark Attack Bounty series

In early October, InPoker introduced a new and exciting way to compete on our platform, against a real champion, our good friend and a professional poker player Dave Spade. Dave Spade known under his username Dibspid is the InPoker ambassador who represented our platform at the recent APT Philippines 2022 event where he had won the Championship Series and earned the well-deserved Player of the Series trophy.

In the future, we will be inviting even more pro players for our community to have a go at playing against the champions and eliminating them.

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