Promoting brands and businesses on the InPoker platform

2 min readMay 20, 2021

One of InPoker’s unique and key features is the ability to involve brands and businesses. The platform will provide a unique way to run promotions to target audiences via sponsorship programs, thus engaging with users, driving more user traffic and simultaneously positioning the brand as a market leader. The higher engagement rates can be achieved due to involvement of influencers who promote the tournaments to their followers and introduce more people to the platform.

Businesses can choose to promote their products or services via tournaments by creating sponsored games with free or small buy-in entries where users stand a chance to win big prizes in platform currency or, in case of blockchain companies, their own coins, tokens or NFTs.

During the sponsored tournaments, the brand logo will be displayed on the table and 5-minute promo videos or presentations will be shown hourly during the tournament break. The platform will also allow businesses to choose the geographical coverage for their tournaments, whether they are to be held in a specific country, a certain region or worldwide.

InPoker is a powerful business marketing tool that is designed to work together with influencers who will play their role in engaging the worldwide poker players and expanding the platform to the global market. Our goal is to reach out to the right influencers, businesses and monitor the data to achieve the best results.

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