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2 min readApr 26, 2021

What is InPoker?

InPoker is a fresh new take on online poker, which is made possible by employing the latest financial technologies and features. It is the first e-sport platform with an integrated DeFi protocol that allows players to participate in poker tournaments by supplying crypto assets. After supplying the crypto assets, users can borrow the BUSD stablecoin which can be used to participate in poker tournaments, while still earning APY on the supply.

InPoker does not offer any gambling games such as betting, slots, roulette and others. Instead, the platform focuses on tournaments, sit & go and similar competitive games that require players’ skills. Users are given the choice of participating in sponsored/standard/in-house tournaments or creating their own poker rooms and having full control of the settings.

Benefits of InPoker

One of the main benefits of InPoker is that it offers a much safer gaming experience by protecting users from spending all their funds and providing a platform with at least 40% less risk. Our integrated DeFi system only allows users to use 60% of supplied collateral amount while retaining the balance.

InPoker provides users with many options to earn money, such as winning games, receiving rewards for inviting people and organising tournaments. On top of that the users will be earning interest from the supplied collateral at all times even without participating in tournaments.

The platform also provides a unique way for many businesses to run promotions via sponsorship programs. Sponsored tournaments create extraordinary opportunities for players of any skill level to practice the game of poker without substantial initial investments while having a chance to win big prizes and slowly move from the lowest stakes up to high-roller games.

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