Spin & Moon games — The new dynamic InPoker Tournaments

We are extremely happy to present to you the latest addition to our platform that we have been talking about for a while now. It is an extremely exciting type of tournament called Spin & Moon!

Spin & Moon is fast and super fun and offers huge winnings and multipliers. Whereas many players invest in small caps in order to multiply them by 100, with Spin & Moon you may be able to multiply your buy-in by 12000! And it is noteworthy that we embody the spirit of crypto and share the revenue so that we can offer the lowest rake for high buy-ins — 4%

What is Spin & Moon?

Spin & Moon is the fastest chance in crypto-poker to multiply your x12000! In both formats Texas Holdem and Omaha (coming soon), the prize is chosen at random and gives you a chance to win 600,000 BUSD in a matter of minutes! Buy-ins are varied and affordable for all bankrolls and so straight forward that anyone will be able to play and enjoy poker!

How does Spin & Moon work?

Spin & Moon are fast sit & gos hyper-turbo 3-max. Starting stack is 500 chips. The prize is random and ranges from x2 to x12000 of your buy-in. The levels increase every 3 minutes. To join a tournament click the “Play now” button, and the tournament will start when 3 players register at the table. The prize is decided by the spin of the wheel before the game.


Here are the different random jackpots with the probability of occurrence

Prize distribution

• The winner takes the entire jackpot if it is less than or equal to 25 times the entry amount.

• The highest jackpots (from 100 times the registration amount) will be shared among the three players as follows:

Spin & Moon games are very dynamic, if you don’t like staying in one tournament for too long and love the action, you will truly appreciate Spin & Moon. These games are very popular all over the world and have made a few hundreds of people around the world millionaires! If you love poker and you love crypto — this is your chance to enjoy the best of both worlds and getting your x12000 multiplier without trading!

We hope you are looking forward to this as much as we are!

Stay tuned for more exciting developments on InPoker.io

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InPoker — Your Poker Space | Online crypto poker-only cardroom

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InPoker — Your Poker Space | Online crypto poker-only cardroom

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