STAKE & EARN: InPoker launches the staking dashboard for INP holders

InPoker users are now able to stake their INP tokens beginning 2nd of June 2022 and start receiving the APY interest. Staking aims to strengthen the INP value and increase the demand by locking a large amount of token out of circulating supply.

In general, staking means locking cryptocurrencies to earn rewards. On the InPoker platform, users can stake their INP tokens to earn APY interest, which varies based on the supplied amount. However, one of the best reason for token staking is the new rakeback system.

Rake is a commission taken for administering a poker game and it will now be redistributed back to the players, making the online poker experience that much safer and more enjoyable. InPoker rakeback available to all registered users with a base rate of 5%, whereas NFT holders enjoy premium rakeback rate of 30%. Both regular and Elite users have the option to increase the rates by staking INP token, NFT or both together and receive increased rates of up to 50%.

Users will be entitled to a set rakeback rate for as long as they keep their tokens staked. Once INP, NFT or both, are unstaked, the rakeback rate will be reset to the base rate for 30 days (5% for regular users and 30% for NFT holders). Throughout this period users can continue to stake only to receive APY.

You can visit the dashboard at

Please note: Rakeback for all users will become available after the InPoker official launch on 8 June 2022. Staking for APY interest is available from 2 June 2022.

Another forthcoming INP utility is the ability to generate additional NFTs. Existing NFT holders will be able to generate new generations of Elite NFTs by staking their current NFT with INP-BUSD LP for one month. Staking, APY interest and NFT generating feature makes INP token attractive and sustainable for long-term holders.

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InPoker — Your Poker Space | Online crypto poker-only cardroom

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InPoker — Your Poker Space | Online crypto poker-only cardroom

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