The new DAILY leaderboard is here! Stand a chance to win prizes any day of the week

2 min readNov 28, 2022

26th November marked a year since the InPoker IDO, a memorable date for the team and a major milestone for the project. Throughout the year, InPoker has changed and grown but the core value always remained the same — providing users with exciting ways to play poker and compete in various leaderboard events, focusing on different poker formats and changing things up regularly in order to provide a fun environment and allow players with different skill sets to compete every week.

It is now our absolute pleasure to announce the latest development in the leaderboard department, and that is the fact that we are getting rid of the weekly leaderboard events in favour of the daily ones!

To start things on a high note, we offer Spin & Moon Daily Leaderboard!

Starting 29 November 10:00 GMT+8, all registered InPoker users will have the opportunity to join the competition any time of the week and stand a chance to win daily prizes! The live scores will be displayed on our website and updated every few minutes, allowing anyone to view their placement in real time. The winners will be announced based on the final scores on that day.

View the event details and placement table in the InPoker User Guide. We will announce even more pleasant surprises and additional prizes for the daily winners before the start of this new leaderboard event, so watch this space.

The great thing about Spin & Moon leaderboard is that players can take advantage of the Bullish Hours — special daily time slots when any user’s leaderboard points are multiplied x1.5!

In order to take advantage of the offer, play Spin & Moon games between 5–7am and 5–7pm (GMT+8) daily. The bonus points will be awarded automatically and based on the buy-in amount of the game that you won. For example, if you win a game with 500 INP buy-in during the special hours, your leaderboard points will automatically become 750. Please note that the bonus multiplier does not apply to the actual winnings, only the points.

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